Links & Things


College Friends’ Blogs:

  1. Behind the Sun (Andrew)

  2. Beyond Occident (Michael)

  3. Capoeira, Praias, e Saude (Jordan)

  4. Far and Away (Annie)

  5. Full of Content (Olivia)

  6. Naruwan (Jessica)

  7. The Angel Underground (Ryan)

  8. The Emergency Lights (Luke)

Other Fulbright ETA blogs:

  1. Between Raung and the Beach (Herbert, Indonesia)

  2. Not Your Cow, Macau: Stories From Another Pasture (Chels, Macau)

  3. One Thousand and One Words (Charley, Kosovo)

  4. Sawatdee Ka (Korin, Thailand)

Comics I Read (that are absolutely relevant to everyday life and cultural proficiency):

  1. A Softer World

  2. Books of Adam

  3. Girl Genius

  4. Hark, a Vagrant!

  5. Hyperbole and a Half

  6. Married to the Sea

  7. Mischief Champion

  8. Pictures for Sad Children

  9. Super Useless Super Powers

  10. The Oatmeal

  11. Toothpaste for Dinner

  12. Questionable Content

  13. Wondermark

  14. Xkcd

  15. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal